Collections Data - Amphibians and Reptiles

The Field Museum's Collection of Amphibian and Reptile is one of the six largest US herpetological collections.  Worldwide in scope, the collection includes fluid-preserved specimens, skeletons, cleared & stained preparations, tissue samples, and histology slides.  More details about the collection can be found at:

As of September 2013, the Amphibian and Reptile Collections database contains over 282,172 specimen catalog records for over 294,000 specimens.  In addition, 2,853 histology slide records are included.  The records of specimens that are skeletal, cleared and stained and other preparation types are indicated as such as are specimens for which tissue samples are available.  At the current time, specific localities are not included in the locality data served.  Please email Alan Resetar at to request specific localities.

The catalog records indicate the nature and extent of the collection but should not be treated as primary data.  Although taxonomy, specimen identifications, and associated data are regularly reviewed, errors such as outdated names, mistaken identifications and erroneous collection event information do occur.  Investigators should verify identifications by examination of specimens.

For copyright, data usage and citation information please refer to the Field Museum Data Norms and Considerations.

For special requests, corrections, locality inquiries/coordinates, identification verifications, specimen photographs, or suggestions, please email Alan Resetar at or call him at 1-312-665-7494.  To request a loan or plan a research visit, please see or contact Alan Resetar. 

The mailing address is:

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